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You're Marvellous! Light language for self-love and acceptance - The Lyrans - Audio Download

You're Marvellous! Light language for self-love and acceptance - The Lyrans - Audio Download

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You're Marvellous! Light language for self-love and acceptance - The Lyrans

Amidst the hectic whirlwind of life, the constant demands and expectations that come at us from all sides, we often tend to forget ourselves. But in this endless stream of activities and obligations, there is one truth that we should never forget: We are enough, just as we are.

This language of light is a divine message flowing to you directly from the highest dimensions of the Lyran star system. It reminds you that you are not here by chance. You were created with a unique purpose and essence. Every moment of your life, every breath, every challenge and every joy has a deep meaning.

This light language is a mirror that reflects your true essence. When you listen to them, you feel a profound connection to your innermost self. It reminds you that you have the love, wisdom and strength within you to achieve your dreams and fulfill your destiny. The world outside may often be hectic and chaotic, but this beautiful language of light will help you find calm in the eye of the storm.

It reminds you that you are your own source of security and peace. You don’t have to let external judgments or expectations influence you. You can be authentic, be yourself and still be loved and accepted. By regularly using this light language, you will begin to celebrate your own uniqueness. You will realize that there is no reason to change yourself to please others.

You are already perfect, and you deserve to be accepted for who you are. Let this language of light flow into your energy field to remind you of your true greatness. Allow her to dispel the doubts and insecurities that may be holding you down. You are enough, and you are here to bring your light into the world. Be true to yourself, recognize your worth and radiate your uniqueness. You are a gift to this world and this Light Code Transmission will help you realize that, for you are more than you can imagine and you deserve all the love and abundance that life has to offer.

You are enough and the universe has your back to support your dreams. This light language is accompanied by gently swinging, energetic meditation music and carried by the healing Solfeggio frequency of 222 Hz.😊

Duration of the audio file: 5:55 minutes

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