Die Zeta Reticuli- Ein Weckruf

The Zeta Reticuli - A wake-up call

Most people know the "Zeta Reticuli Grays" as the beings who are known for the so-called "alien abductions", so their reputation is not the best. But who are these beings really, and is it really that easy to label them as “nasty boys” or do we simply lack openness and foresight?

In order to understand their nature and their way of thinking, it is important to look at their history.

History of the Zeta Reticuli

The history of the Zetas did not take place in the linear time system as we know it. However, in order to translate this post into an understandable format, I will choose our linear time system of past, present and future and refer to the Zeta Reticuli Grays as "Zetas". When I use the word "inhabitants" I mean all races and populations of a planet.

It all began in the Lyra star system, which also happens to be the cradle of our humanity. In this star system there was a planet called Apex, this is where the evolution of the Zetas began. Apex was so similar to our Earth that it could be called our parallel Earth.

So originally, before the disaster on Apex, the Zetas had genetic material that was very, very similar to ours. Therefore, it is incorrect to call them aliens - because they are "merely" mutated people from a parallel earth who, by the way, call themselves Maseh.

But continue in the text.

As on Earth today, there were many different cultures on Apex. Colonization had begun and Apex was a focal point for all Lyran races. Individuality was very important and the different cultures were sometimes extremely unpredictable. There were pacifists and fighters. Cultures that were purely interested in technical progress and those that fundamentally rejected it in order to devote themselves purely to their spiritual development. Every possible dichotomy has been exhausted to the limit on this planet - more so than is the case here on our Earth. Things went well for several thousand years. Even though a great disharmony was already spreading beneath the surface of the mass consciousness of the "Lyrans", the inhabitants felt that their spiritual progress could no longer keep up with their technical progress.

Slowly but steadily, Apex began to change. The air had become toxic due to the exhaust gases, and the surface of the planet was contaminated by the use of nuclear weapons and nuclear explosions. The atmosphere began to become thinner and the plants were no longer able to produce enough oxygen to ensure survival on the surface. The ecosystem was destroyed in an unimaginable way.

A few residents, the Zetas, became aware of the extent of the disaster. They began to develop measures in the hope of preserving life in the future.

Deep underground they began to dig cave systems to find protection and refuge in case survival on the surface was no longer possible. They still had no idea whether it would come to this, but they wanted to be prepared. Wanted to have room for maneuver if the worst case scenario were to occur.

They developed alternative energy production systems that they could also use underground, without relying on sunlight or oxygen. For generations they developed an underground world that could exist completely self-sufficiently from the surface of the planet. As far-sighted as the Zetas were, they recognized that a deceleration had to take place in every respect, because in the meantime not only their planet had changed, but also their body system. Their heads grew larger, but the female pelvises could not keep up with the head growth. The women and the babies died like flies while giving birth. Today's cesarean section was unheard of, so the Zetas looked for other ways to ensure the survival of their race.

The cloning begins

They realized that if they didn't find a solution to their birth problem as quickly as possible, they would definitely die out, not to mention the ecological problems.
In order to circumvent the birth process, they developed a sophisticated cloning system over generations. This meant that the natural conceiving, carrying and birthing of babies became unnecessary.

The shock

Living on the surface of the planet was no longer possible. The residents suffered from incurable radiation illnesses and the effects of massive air pollution. They were dying at an incredible rate. It was clear to everyone that they now had to go underground.
A wave of unspeakable grief swept over the residents. They knew they had lost the battle against the environmental catastrophes they had caused themselves. From now on, life was only possible underground.

Imagine - you could never lie under the starry sky again, never feel the wind on your skin or the warmth of the sun. Instead just rock - from all sides, cold, hard rock. This was now her present and future. Fear and despair spread across all sections of the population.


Little by little, the residents got used to their new situation. New generations grew up knowing surface life only through stories. The new clone generations, created from the Zetas' tireless fight against their own extinction, now had a different body.

The vow

Seeing emotions and unpredictability as the cause of the disaster, the Zetas vowed never to indulge in emotions or passions again. They decided to clone all physical reactions triggered by emotions. They changed their physical and neurochemical structure to eliminate all emotional and physical sensations. From the individual to mass consciousness. That was the agenda. If everyone ticked the same way, everyone reacted the same way, there would be no more emotional breakdowns, no wars, no more environmental destruction. That was her thinking. Everything would be in absolute balance. The emphasis was placed on intellectuality.

The practice

However, the reality was different. Professionals in cloning as they were, the negative extent of this conclusion only became apparent hundreds of years later. The sexual organs were no longer present and there were no longer any differences between female and male Zetas. The bodies were reduced to 90 cm to allow underground life, and the eyes were enlarged to see better in the dark. Their digestive systems had deteriorated because they could no longer eat solid food. Therefore, their nutrition took place through the skin. Feelings - whether physical or emotional - were no longer present.

The knowledge

Little by little, the Zetas realized that by "cloning out" their emotions, there was no longer any possibility of not only perceiving their environment, but also their own bodies. This meant they lost all connection to spirituality, to their planet, to themselves. It was like burning their own soul. The "new" body had difficulties right down to the cell structure, any ability to adapt to e.g. B. cold or heat was lost, etc. But not only that, by shifting their energy to the mental areas, they lost the ability to perceive their reality in a comprehensive spectrum, they literally ran out of ideas. This realization hit her like a blow. Instead of improving their situation, they had added insult to injury. They had to correct their mistakes as quickly as possible. This meant they needed fresh, original genetic material to reverse their cloning process. Emotional reactions should be made possible again, the possibility of natural conception and birth should be reintegrated, etc.

In the meantime on the surface

Since the Zetas and the other inhabitants lived underground, they were not aware of what was happening on the surface of their planet in the meantime. The poisoning of the atmosphere set off a chain reaction. The high levels of toxic radiation brought the planetary energy field almost to a standstill down to the subatomic range. This caused an electromagnetic curvature in the space-time continuum of their planet and caused it to - to put it in simple terms - change its position. Apex suddenly found itself in the Zeta Reticuli star system.


In the meantime, various groups were formed. There were and still are those we now refer to as Zeta Reticuli Grays (Zetas) - kind and benevolent beings whose agenda is the survival and development of their own species. Then beings referred to as “negative” Zeta Reticuli – this group is all about power. Another group we now simply call the Grays - whose genetic structure is a little different than that of the Zetas and who focus on technical development.

These groups began to separate from each other. The benevolent Zetas (those are the ones we know) began to specialize not only in survival, but they also researched other cultures to understand themselves, to literally bring "life" back into their race. They learned from their mistakes and are still trying to understand how this incredible destruction of their planet came about, what was really the cause of their "human" failure. They made it their mission to tell every living being, no matter what planet they come from, their story. To warn and to show what can happen if you put technical progress above all else. They see themselves as ambassadors so that we have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and not follow in the same footsteps.

The "negative" Zeta Reticuli used their technology from the past to inhabit other planets in the Zeta Reticuli star system and expand their culture. Other similar groups settled in the Orion (Betelgeuse) star system and the Sirius star system, among others.

The search

When the Zetas realized that all their efforts to save their planet were in vain, they decided to live in their spaceships (unlike the Grays, who also made alien planets habitable for themselves) and set out to search for fresh genetic material to finally to be able to correct their mistakes.
After some time they found our earth. They observed us over many generations and found that we were most similar to their genetic structure. In short, we are genetically the first choice when it comes to suitable genetic material.

The request

Since the law of free will applies throughout the cosmos, the Zetas made requests to our collective consciousness in the form of a vibrational message. The message was simply structured and read: "We are dying out. Who would like to help us provide genetic material…?" What the Zetas didn't know was that our psyche is structured - conscious, censor, subconscious.

47% of humanity agreed to take part in the rescue project. However, their subconscious sent the message to the Zetas, so it wasn't done consciously.

The Zetas, in turn, followed the strongest signal and assumed that, to put it simply, we knew and were aware of what we were getting ourselves into.

What came as a surprise to the Zetas was our reaction to OUR invitation. To put it a little more simply: They kept the agreement, came and still come when WE call them through signals from our subconscious, take us with them on their ship and do whatever is necessary to fulfill their agenda.

Our - in their eyes - absolutely chaotic, emotional reactions to the actions they have carried out on us are a strange mystery to them. Because, emotionless as they are, they don't understand the connection between e.g. B. Pain and emotion (to give just one example). Fear is also alien to them; they perceive it as an energetic wall that they cannot see behind.

They know that we show up and call taking people along for their agenda "kidnapping" and therefore never tire of explaining to us that this always and without exception only happens with consent - regardless of whether we remember it or not not. Because they can't find us if we don't invite them based on our frequency. Like attracts like, also energetically. Whose soul is already e.g. B. who volunteered for the Agenda before her incarnation here on Earth is registered in their "computer". As soon as this soul sends a signal again, the Zetas become active. There is nothing mystical about it. Transmitter-receiver. One calls, the other receives the signal and comes. Every now and then the Zetas send out request signals again when volunteers are needed again. If they get an answer, the person's fundamental vibration is analyzed and fed into their computer system like an energetic fingerprint.

The choice

Every event is cosmically neutral. If you are one of the lucky 47% (like I am) you have the choice to decide how you feel about the situation. If you choose the role of victim, you will talk about “kidnappings” and you will have painful experiences. Not because the Zetas want to hurt you, but because you build up resistance and that causes pain. Example: If you go to the doctor to get an injection and you react in panic, the whole experience will be a nightmare and the injection will hurt you. If you relax and just let it happen, it will be over quickly and the pain will be limited.

However, if you see yourself as the creator of your own reality, you will see the positive side of these experiences - new beings will be created with your genetic material! You give life! That's great! Then the whole thing looks completely different. Then you can be proud and look forward to taking part. That's why I extended my agreement with the Zetas. Because if the Zetas sense that you don't treat them in the role of victim but see them as equals, then they will treat you differently. I'm speaking from my own experience here. There are ways to make this experience enjoyable for everyone in attendance!

The mirror

Back to the media again. Especially when it comes to so-called alien abductions, you can find all sorts of scary stories. A great show for everyone who feels comfortable in the role of victim. These same people then talk about kidnappings, attempts and horrible things that were done to them. It may be that they actually experienced these experiences in this way, but I don't question that. However, it should never be forgotten that the ego is responsible for maintaining our reality. Since these experiences all normally take place on a different level of perception, our ego then makes a huge story out of an experience that it cannot classify and embellishes it as much as it can.

Still, admittedly - in Bashar's words, yes the Zetas and the Grays are not the best hosts.

Since they cannot process emotions, we see them as cold and technical. They analyze our hormone releases, process our neural information, observe our behavior and try to draw conclusions about our emotions. They remove eggs or sperm, insert fetuses and take them out of the human body at a certain time (as part of the hybrid children program), create new life with the help of the genetic material obtained and at the same time take care of the preservation and maintenance Caring for your new charges.

self reflection

If you're feeling gasped now, just one thing is recommended:
You shouldn't throw stones when you're living in a glass house.

What do I mean by that?

Here are a few short questions that everyone should answer for themselves - in all honesty:

Are we polluting the seas, the forests, the air - i.e. our environment?
Do we use environmentally friendly technologies?

Are we still testing animals?

Are we putting technical progress ahead of spiritual, human development?

Do we clone other creatures, plants, etc.?

Do we call people who are not interested in technological progress primitive?

Do we allow emotions or do we suppress them because it is not appropriate to show them in public?

Do we see animals, plants and everything that surrounds us as equal, or is it “just” an animal, a plant that suffers?

The wake-up call

The Zetas are our mirror, they show us bluntly what we will become if we don't finally take care of our environment, our earth, our spiritual, human, psychological development. Their appearance is a wake-up call not to follow the same path, not to take the same path. Because we are well on the way there!

Anyone who has a problem with the Zetas or the Grays has a problem with themselves. They are just a mirror, and a very clear one at that.

The appearance of the Zetas

As already described above, the Zeta Grays are approx. 90 cm tall and have a slim nature. They have significantly larger heads than us and the large, almond-shaped, dark eyes we are familiar with. Their skin is usually white, but it also comes in all other shades, from gray to greenish yellow. Their hands are larger than ours and only have four fingers. Which are very long.

The nature of the Zetas

They are highly intelligent by nature, but - according to their own statements, as already clearly explained here - have lost the feeling for their body, their nature and their surroundings. They perceive colors, etc., but do not associate this information with emotions, but rather process them like a computer program. Logically, they don't feel love, joy or any other great emotional outbursts.

If you listen to the channelings, I find them to be quite polite. They understand how our body systems work - better than we do ourselves - but they have their challenges with our - from their point of view, emotional outbursts. I would say that they behave exactly like a partially engineered bioorganism does.

I myself have a soul share with the Zetas - and when I connect with this, I perceive my environment. But nothing more. If someone cries in my presence, I acknowledge it, but in no way associate it with any emotional things. You could also say that I see "water running out of the eyes of the person I'm talking to." No more and no less. It doesn't affect me. I then hear music as a sequence of tones that mean nothing. Decoration and colors are there, but their meaning remains hidden to me in these moments. They are, but nothing more.

When we humans test on animals, we are no different. A rat's ear is bred on its back using genetic engineering. You don't ask how the rat feels, its bodily functions are checked, registered, etc. We don't even want to talk about the slaughterhouses and the many other things we do with our fellow beings.

What makes me think is this - WE still feel, and yet act so cold? With the Grays you can at least say that it is actually no longer possible for them to feel due to their mutations.

However, what we do happens at full emotional maturity and you really have to ask yourself why we decided to behave this way.

A being from the constellation of the Pleiades recently said to me briefly and succinctly in a dream:

"It is time for humanity to decide which path it wants to take."

I have already decided...

... And you?

Addendum 2022: The essence of the Zetas from higher dimensions

I would like to add something else. Many of the Zeta Reticuli who are now contacting us are already sentient and have emotions. Maybe not yet to the same depth as we have, but they are already very close to us in this regard. The hybrid children's program has brought about the desired changes and the "new" Zetas are now actually no longer as emotionless as they were described above. We know everything happens at the same time. Time is an illusion, so there are all versions of Zetas, just as there are all versions of us humans. Therefore, you always have the choice of which of the Zetas you want to contact. Personally, I love the old version as well as the new version and the contact with them is nice and helpful. They have a big heart in the right place and I don't want to be without them anymore, especially because they have experienced so much negative things, they are a true enrichment for us as humans. They (the new version) understand us more than we can imagine and they are very happy to be able to share their knowledge and extensive experience with us.

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