Alpha Centauri „Eure Medien werden von uns berichten!“

Alpha Centauri “Your media will report on us!”

The binary star system Alpha Centauri is found in the constellation of Centaur in the southern sky. It is relatively close to Earth at a distance of 4.34 light years. The star system, which consists of Alpha Centauri and Alpha Centauri B, is orbited by a red dwarf, the Proxima Centauri. It also forms a hierarchical triple star system. Unfortunately, the star system cannot be seen from Europe.

The beings of Alpha Centauri are also part of my Galactic Family and my spiritual teachers. That's why it was important to me to officially interview these wonderful ETs. According to them, very few people have tried to contact them so far. That's why they were more than thrilled when I presented them with my plan to represent them in the form of a blog post but also with the help of their light languages ​​and thereby introduce them to humanity. I'm not repeating the entire conversation here in this article because many excerpts from it were of a very personal nature, but I'm repeating everything else that is generally interesting to us humans here:


You began our conversation with a short but extremely interesting monologue, which I would like to reproduce here in detail:


“We – of Alpha Centauri, who have no name and no title, exist in the 7th dimension of our universe. We send you love, we send light and we care for humanity as best we can. We know you as our relatives, as our long-lost cousins ​​from space. We know that we ALL, as fragments of the Source, play these different roles and as we play the role of Alpha Centauri, from our perspective it looks much more interesting where YOU are. It looks to us like it's more fun to be on Earth and, as we call it, playing in the mud like you do. Our job is to support you energetically. We fill energetic gaps that exist in the energies available to you.

At the moment, many people are looking for the solution in technology to solve the problems on earth. However, as more people look for energies that come from space, as more people awaken (as you do) to the truth that we exist and are here to help you, the more help you will receive from us. Because then you fully recognize the energetic help that is coming and can align yourself with it. We at Alpha Centauri want to help ALL OF YOU do just that.”


Alpha Centauri are Spiritual Masters

“We, the beings of Alpha Centauri, have achieved spiritual mastery. Among other things, we can teach you to let go of the old and the past, to cling less to worldly concerns and to trust in the flow of life. We will show you how you can connect with your higher self and its energies, which are always available to you.”


What does the landscape look like on Alpha Centauri?

“Well, in the 4th and 5th dimensions the planets are full of beautiful nature. Extremely lush fauna and flora and many animals that make our hearts sing. We don’t build apartments or houses like you do, but we live within trees so huge that entire families can fit in them.”


What challenges do you face on your planet?

“We have such lush vegetation that we sometimes don't know whether it would be advisable to cut the plants or otherwise intervene in nature, or whether it is simply better to move somewhere else and let nature take its course. We disagree on this. Many of us do not want to interfere with the course of nature and prefer to leave the place so as not to disturb the plant growth. Others would like to cut down or expand the trees to create larger “dwellings”. This sometimes causes discrepancies. Because in principle we are of the opinion that one should not interfere with the course of nature.”


What do creatures on Alpha Centauri look like?

"We in the 7th dimension have no face, no eyes, no body. We are not physical, but are pure consciousness. Our star families in the 4th or 5th dimensions have a humanoid body. With two legs and two arms and one Head. However, they look more bird-like. For example, they don't have a mouth, but have a long bird's beak. Their plumage is similar to that of your peacock in shades of purple, blue and green. They are beautiful!"


Do you eat food?

“Yes, we live on fruits and vegetables. We use water to make drinks, similar to your smoothies. We live vegan. So don't eat any animal products. On very, very rare occasions we go to the trouble of preparing something with heat. Whenever you want something a little more extravagant and unusual. In principle, however, we see food as fuel for our bodies. Food doesn't have the same status for us as it does for you humans."


Do you have emotions like people have?

Yes, we can feel joy, anger, fear, etc. But not in the ups and downs that you humans can feel. We don't have as much polarity as you do on Earth, so we don't feel the emotions as deeply.


What do you find interesting to observe here on Earth at the moment?

“We find it interesting how people present themselves online. We notice that they like to pretend to be someone they really are not. This in turn causes these people to become more and more distant from themselves, the community and also nature. They try to portray an idealized personality in order to be adored. This seriously disrupts the balance on earth. As soon as someone is worshiped, the worshipers give them their own energy, which gives the worshiped person more energy, but drains so much energy from the worshiper that they often try to completely identify with their idol and often don't even know who they are anymore or how they can find themselves again.

However, we also see that this system now stands on very shaky foundations. More and more people now find this thing silly and are waking up to the truth that it's not about imitating others, but rather living yourself to the fullest extent that is available to you. To show the world - THIS is ME! We find that very interesting.”


Have you known us humans for a long time?

“Yes, we have known you humans from the beginning. You are also very close in terms of distance. Among other things, we were also part of the team that decided to anchor different energies from different star systems on Earth. We are aware that we – like other star friends – are partly responsible for how things are going energetically here on Earth. Our goal was all to create a balance between the different energies. Even if it doesn't seem like it to you right now, you are in a very positive upward spiral and we are more happy about that than words could ever express.


Is there anything else you would like to tell us at the end?

"Yes. Alpha Centauri is close enough to Earth that you can expect visits from our friends from the 4th dimension in their spaceships in the near future. THIS will make big headlines in your media because these beings want it! that their spaceships are seen by as many people as possible! Until then, we will of course monitor your readiness for contact with extraterrestrial beings, just as all other ETs do.

Until then, we say goodbye, as we do here on Alpha Centauri, with a warm “Fallah”!



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