Harmonisierung des energetischen Schmerzkörpers

Harmonization of the energetic pain body

In the silence of being, where thoughts come to rest and the heart opens, the journey to harmonizing the energetic pain body begins. It is a path paved with gentle mindfulness and deep compassion, a path that teaches us not only to recognize our innermost wounds but also to lovingly accept them.

Harmonization of the energetic pain body

In the light of consciousness, where silence speaks and healing flows, the soul finds peace, in the dance of energy that gently envelops.

With every breath, a glow that breaks through the darkness, filled with love and kindness that gently envelops the pain body.

In harmony with the universe, in harmony with being, pain dissolves into light, and all that remains is pure illusion.

So we walk on paths that lead us back to ourselves, where we bathe in our essence and free ourselves from old pain.

Give yourself a bath in love with this wonderful light language: Harmony of the Light Body: Pain Body Transformation - Lyrans - Audio Download

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