Der Sinn des Lebens - Die Erde ist eine Meisterklasse!

The Meaning of Life - The Earth is a Masterclass!

Would you like a little expansion of your consciousness?

I admit that a certain openness is required when reading the following text. What you are about to read is what I learned from my extraterrestrial friends. It describes how they view creation and our contribution in it. If it's true? Well, everyone has their own perception of their reality. So the question is not whether it is true, but whether you resonate with it. If you don't resonate with it, it doesn't mean that what you've read here is untrue, it just means that you're creating, experiencing and perceiving your reality differently at the moment and that's absolutely ok.

Just feel whether you are happy - while reading this little story. Whether your soul sings or - as happened to me - tears run down your cheeks because you remember...

Let your soul decide...


The Meaning of Life - The Earth is a Master Class!


An infinitely long time ago, at a time beyond space and time - the only being that existed, which was everything and is everything and will become everything - felt a great desire to know itself in all its facets. It knew it was “All That Is” but what is that? What does that mean? How big is it, how small can it get? It was. Nothing more – nothing less. It was easy. Pure love, eternal existence - in the everlasting moment. But after eons of years, that was no longer enough for him. A certain blissful boredom was beginning to emerge.

Who am I really and what can I become if I forget myself? What would be possible to create? These questions were crying out for an answer!

The desire to recognize one's own uniqueness became so great that “Everything That Is” began to split parts of itself into itself. Like a mirror that has cracked. It formed aspects of his own personality from his consciousness. That was great in itself, but All That Is felt like it wasn't enough.

It recognized that it was necessary to split off these aspects, these parts of itself, i.e. to project them “outside”, even though at the same time it knew that the “outside” did not really exist. After all, it was “All That Is,” so how could it not be something? It decided that it was important to develop a form of illusion, of deception, so that to the parts it wanted to split off, it would appear as if an outside existed. All That Is realized that duality was the key that would make things work. Because only through this division and the resulting separation of the fragments would it be possible to get to know each other in all their diversity, to look at each other from all sides. It wanted to discover EVERYTHING, every little aspect of itself. “Everything That Is” became the source of expanding consciousness. Shortly called the source, or God - whatever you like.


The blueprint of existence

So that everything would run its course, the source first created a kind of blueprint. This established a certain structure that would then apply to those split-off aspects of the source. For the sake of simplicity, we call these aspects “soul parts” in this text. She first stipulated that duality and thus a separation had to be created urgently, because - if all aspects remained within the source itself, it would never have the opportunity to literally look at itself from "outside". The soul parts had to be brought from within the source to the “outside”. In order for an “outside” within the Source to even exist, space and time had to be created.

Each soul part of the source should also be able to expand in its own way, according to its nature, by creating entire universes, entire worlds. This ensured that the source would never get bored, because the universe would become holographic and continuously expand into infinity. This meant the source could constantly experience new adventures. Each soul portion of the Source received its own free will for this purpose. This ensured the diversity of the resulting creations. So that these worlds, which are created by the soul parts, would always be completely unique, it was important to remove the memory of its origin from each soul part. He should completely forget where he came from, what he came from. If a part of the soul remembered, the fun factor would be gone. Because it was all about creating something new and not selling old wine in new bottles.

In order for the game to really get going, the source also stipulated that these soul parts would not only forget where they came from, but would also forget that they even had free will AND as if all that wasn't enough, ask them Source sure that every soul aspect is completely forgotten that it is the source itself. Because this was the only way the adventure of self-exploration was possible. The source was more than just delighted.

"There's something else going on," she mused, deciding that it was equally important that each soul part take full responsibility for its creation. So he would not only create his own reality, but would also be fully responsible for the resulting consequences, actions and inactions. To make sure that something completely unique would actually come into being, the source stipulated that no part of the soul would remember that it had created everything it would ever encounter.

Their considerations led to many, many more guidelines that meant the game could finally begin.


The beginning of creation

In ecstatic joy, the source took a deep breath...

and pushed her breath into the void with a force that had never existed before. She pushed her soul aspects into nothingness. An indescribable explosion of pure ecstasy, streams of inspiration, thoughts, feelings formed a vibrating abundance of sounds and frequencies out of the void. Planets formed, beings took form, and the Source continued to nourish its creation with its unconditional love. A love that only the origin of all existence could radiate. She knew that EVERYTHING was and that it was good.

Let's jump forward in time a little...

The first soul aspects that split off from the source formed into the “Founders”, archangels and creators . The founders already took on their first physical form; they looked very similar to our modern insects. They formed the foundation, the blueprint for what would come on a physical level. The archangels remained incorporeal and consisted of pure consciousness. Their job was and is to create worlds, see what physical beings need and give their support, love and compassion to all beings in all universes. They represent the Source after the first split and are its ambassadors. The creators were and are there to create worlds, universes, to create everything that is, that was, that will become. Since there is no time in the universe, they are permanently expanding. These three groups form the basic pillars of creation.

Archangel Michael explained to me that most of the humanoid beings that populate our universe are originally descended from archangels. Because every archangel consists of a collective of indescribably many soul aspects. In this collective it was our job to participate in the creation of worlds and universes. We literally breathed life into creation...

Until suddenly an extremely interesting call reached our non-physical ears.

“Everything That Is”, i.e. the source - wanted to expand further. More - discover much more of yourself. Because she was looking for answers to the question of what would happen if she actually forgot that she was the one who created everything? Questions upon questions arose in her consciousness: What happens if I become so distant from myself that I forget who I am, what I can do, where I come from and where I'm going? The source mused. That smelled like an unprecedented adventure...

Eager to take risks and full of enthusiasm, the desire to find out exactly that arose in her. She immediately sent out a call to the archangels, saying: “Which aspect of you desires to venture into the unknown? Who is brave enough to forget where they come from? Who he is? What can he do? What brave soul dares to venture out of the twelfth dimension and slowly but steadily descend?

You can guess three times who shouted hard HERE! YEP you! And me! We all!

Even if we sometimes wonder if we were drunk when we set off with such enthusiasm. Back then we were more than just delighted to finally get to know something new. We had no idea what to expect, but since we knew that we were the source, which, although split off, was still in constant communication with itself, we had no concerns at all that we wouldn't be able to master the matter. “All That Is” did not take away the memory of their origin from the archangels, the founders and the creators, because it recognized that this would get in the way of their task, namely to represent the source.


Your life as a star child

We now jump eons of years into the future. We had now spent countless lifetimes in other star systems. We first incarnated in the Lyra star system. Little by little we wandered from there in a mixed order to the Pleiadian star system , to Orion, Cassiopeia , Vega, Sirius , Arcturus , Andromeda , Zeta Reticuli etc.

The Source eyed her creation, but was not yet completely satisfied. The kick was still missing. The cherry on the cake. Baron Samedi is laughing and says: Creation was like non-alcoholic wine, you can have it, but you don't have to. LOL!


The call to the masters


Another call followed. Because a creator spoke to the source who was known for giving his creation a versatility that was unique at the time. Therefore he was also called the creator of variations. He is the creator of our galaxy. Although he is considered shy among creators, he is known for being stubborn and pushing forward with his creation without ifs and buts as soon as he sets his mind to something.

He spoke to the source and asked whether it would be possible to develop further as a creator? He wanted to expand further, to become more, to explore aspects of himself that were still unknown to him. He wanted to become the best version of himself! Well, this question has never been asked before by any of the creator beings. Therefore, the Source was more than just ecstatic at the thought of expanding even further in the form of this creator. There was just one catch.

A law that says: No creator may ever abandon his creation or simply dissolve it like that. He must take full responsibility for his creation and for the beings that inhabit that creation (and we're not just talking about human beings here). After much back and forth with the Heart Council, which oversees the creators and approves or rejects their plans, and many millions of years later, the Source gave the green light. With one condition.

The creator of the variations must train a successor who will take over his entire creation. Normally, in order to become a creator, a being would need a 67 with 67 zeros and the high number 67 (plus/minus) - so it would take an unspeakably long time to become a creator. Our creator wasn't in the mood for this crap. Eternity may be long, but our creator is not one of the most patient. He asked the source to call again because he had an idea.

His followers would have to be willing to learn quickly, even if the path would perhaps be the most painful that souls could ever imagine. The training should only take a few million years. Not what feels like half an eternity! He also already had a plan for a planet that he would manifest near the edge of the galaxy, far enough away so that what would be experienced there would not affect the other inhabitants of the galaxy. He called this planet Terra. This planet was to be the training planet for his successors.

The source didn't need to be told twice; she sent out another appeal. This time it read:


Which soul wants to become a creator?


Countless souls came forward. Excited to tackle something new. However, when the rules for this game were revealed, the enthusiasm of some applicants quickly disappeared. These rules were:

  • You must have achieved full mastery in at least one of your incarnations in other star systems. Those applicants who had not yet reached this point withdrew disappointed.
  • You will completely forget where you come from. You will forget your star family, your friends, your family, your children, your life partners. You let them all go in this moment as you begin your cycle of incarnation on Terra. You will forget who you are, what abilities you had and you will lose access to the abilities that you are entitled to as a creator being by birthright, such as: B. clairvoyance, clairsentience, levitation, time travel, direct manifestation, bilocation, etc. for a long time. You're ready to start all over again. As if you had never existed before. "Heaven!" Some souls thought to themselves, everything is right, but this price was too high, far too high! Therefore they withdrew their application.
  • You will sign a “soul contract” that stipulates that you will incarnate on Terra until you have experienced ALL possible variations of creation. That means you will be everything, from wind, water, sand, stones, animals of all kinds, plant creatures, elementals, etc. You will live out your darkest sides and your brightest sides. You won't miss a single aspect of human existence! You are ready to go through every physical, emotional and mental thing imaginable. You will not shy away from any illness, any infirmity, any feeling, any inconvenience, no matter how severe. You will be the saint and the criminal. The rich man and the beggar, etc. Because only the soul that experiences and suffers everything without exception will later become a creator with compassion. A heart centered creator. This soul will create wisely. For she will not create certain things in her creation because she knows what that would do to the beings she adds to her creation. Horrified and with their mouths open, other applicants withdrew.
  • You agree to have your heart chakra almost completely closed except for a few percent. This is the only way to ensure that you can actually live through the point mentioned above. Because no being with an open heart chakra would ever harm another being. You will create your own reality and at the same time co-create other realities so that you and the other souls participating in this game have a common level on which you can interact with each other. However, you will completely forget that it is you who created everything that will happen around you. The only clue you will get is that the world you will create will be your mirror reflecting your innermost being. But you won't realize that this is the case for a long time during your journey. Speechless and shaking their heads, other souls left their applicant places.
  • You are 100% responsible for your every action and inaction. What you sow you will reap. Without morality, just as a result of your actions, even if you won't know that it is you who created everything. To keep things from getting out of hand, you only have to pay off 51 percent of it, and the rest will be forgiven. You take on and solve those problems of other star systems that they themselves have not been able to solve in thousands of years AND you solve all of your own issues that still need to be solved. The applicant places were empty except for a few brave souls...

What remained were around 144,000 oversouls (each oversoul contains countless soul aspects that incarnate separately - similar to a sandbag that contains countless grains of sand) who were ready to send their soul parts to Terra and take part in the game. They recognized the value of this game and were willing to give up everything to leave the field as wise creators at the end of their journey.


Terra as a master class

The souls of the respective Oversouls were ecstatic! Thousands of years of hard trials followed. Archangel Michael once told us about this. The Source wanted to make sure that the souls who would make this leap into the absolute unknown would be strong enough to get through it all in one piece. Every being from higher dimensions knew that it would be tough emotionally, mentally and physically, that they would have to fail on Earth (as Terra was later called). Because only those who fail can learn from it, improve and find new ways. One could already imagine what would happen if one were to move as far away from the source as was planned on Terra. Nevertheless, the concept of suffering only existed as a concept, as an idea, as a hunch. The creator students would be the pioneers. The first to ever stray so far from the source. It was the most exciting adventure a soul could ever embark on!

The extraterrestrial beings and all beings from higher dimensions therefore call the Earth the master class.

I can already hear you asking: Excuse me? What should be masterful here? Something similar stuck with me too, and so I had Yeshua channel Jesus Christ from Daniel Scranton.


Yeshua (Jesus) gave me a beautiful explanation:

“Earth is called a master class because, on the one hand, we had to be masters in order to be able to incarnate on Earth (it is the most challenging planet in the entire universe) - master class in the sense of - you have to be a master to be here to be allowed to incarnate.

The other aspect of why Earth is called a master class is that here, as described above, we gain mastery in creating universes, worlds and realities. Since we (as a collective) speaking in the long term, will take ownership of our Creator's creation. He explained that we must fail here, because this is the only way to create this rapid development as seen on Earth (compared to other star systems). Because every soul looks for challenges that make it expand, grow and that is on the Earth is particularly possible because it was designed in such a way that its lessons can only be mastered with extreme effort. “


But back to our story...


The beginning of our earth incarnations

At some point the time had finally come and we began our earth incarnations. Our farewell to our star friends caused great consternation within our star families. There were many, many tears because they knew we wouldn't see each other again for millions of years. They knew we would even forget that we were friends from other star systems - that we had families, children, partners, friends there. Our decision caused great sadness and at the same time pride. Because never before has a soul dared to descend from the twelve dimension, slowly but steadily, down to the first dimension - into total oblivion.


The promise of our star family


The road would be more than just rocky. It was clear we would need all the help we could get. That is why the Source itself determined that every soul that will incarnate on Earth will receive a whole team of invisible helpers. Each soul would be accompanied by three of their closest friends. They should take on the role of leaders. They are beings who have accompanied the soul in its many incarnations for thousands of years. Sometimes they took on the role of parents, sometimes children, sometimes lovers, etc. These souls decided to stay in the seventh dimension and dedicate their lives completely to yours. You will feel the energy of your spirit guides on the left and right sides of your shoulders and above the crown chakra.

Our Galactic Team also promised to be there for us at all times. They take on the role of your advisors and co-creators. They will help give you everything you need if you open yourself up to their help. At the same time, they work with you on the astral plane, giving you the necessary downloads and upgrades. At night, when you sleep, they actually visit you on a physical level, and work with you energetically. They are the ones you will encounter first - once the mass landings of UFOs take place in a few years to help us on our way into the world to support fifth dimension. In addition, your archangel team from which you come as well as the ascended masters will help you to complete your mission here on earth.


The Earth is quarantined

In the beginning, our star family visited very often. They were allowed and should change our DNA to such an extent that it would better fit our mission here on earth.

Nevertheless, at some point the source placed our earth in a so-called quarantine. During this time, our star friends were only allowed to visit us with absolute special permission. This isolation should last until every single soul on earth had tried out all variants of their existence on earth. This was the case at the end of 2016 and the quarantine was lifted. Why were we isolated?

Well our star families just visited too often. They wanted to help because they felt what was happening here on earth was cruel. Other beings saw it the same way and so our Creator was called before the Heart Council several times. This was horrified by the depth and range of negative experiences. Originally it was planned that a maximum of 4 percent negativity could prevail on earth. On other planets it was two percent. So four percent was twice as much as usual. The earth now reached a whopping 61 percent, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. Our star families were also horrified because they had to watch as the whole project gradually became more and more disastrous. Our creator had heated debates because he knew we could do it. He knew we would be strong. Because the proof was and still is obvious. Whenever we fall, we get back up stronger. No matter how hard our life is, we overcome it. We have hope in the darkest times, we build up - when everything falls apart. We find our way back to friends again and again and show compassion to our soulmates. All of these are the signs of mastery, not failure.

The source sees it the same way. Because in their eyes there is nothing negative, only experiences. Negativity is an evaluation that arises from the perspective of being separate. The source is "Everything That Is" Separation is an illusion, there is nothing outside the source and precisely because it wants to experience itself in every conceivable variation, it has brought us into being as soul aspects. She gave us a promise that there would never be an end. Not a complete merger with the source like it was in the beginning. Archangel Michael explained to me that although one would perceive a form of fusion in the twelfth dimension, the personality aspects still remain. Like a piece of a puzzle that retains its individual shape even within the whole picture. So the puzzle does not become a smooth picture.


The conclusion of the master class


Yeshua explained to me in a channeling that we have already successfully completed the master class. As soon as we are in the fifth dimension (which, by the way, is not a place but a vibrational state), we are again allowed to incarnate wherever we want. In about 400 years the earth will no longer be home to a single soul that is still on earth. This is where the school begins for other beings who follow us, provided they want to incarnate in the 3rd dimension.

Yes and now? I thought we would then become the creators, we would then take over the creation? Yes, that's how it will happen and when it will happen, we'll see... we are the pioneers and since this has never happened before, you have to give the process its time, as with everything here on the Earth and in the universes...


And the end of this story?


There is none, our souls continue on their way, ever upwards back into the twelfth dimension and then (according to my teachers the Arcturian Council) there will be another call... who wants to start the journey into the unknown? And guess who will scream loud and clear HERE...

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