Eine Frau die durchsichtig ist schwimmt wie ein Embryo im glitzernden Kosmos

The Higher Self: A Journey Through Time and Space

The concept of the higher self is a central part of many spiritual traditions and philosophies. It represents your true essence, which goes far beyond the limits of your physical body, your mind and your emotions. It is the eternal, unchanging part of you that is in direct connection with the universe or the source of all existence. But what makes your higher self so special? And how can you connect with him?

Awareness of all aspects of life

Your higher self is aware of all aspects of being. It knows every experience you have ever had or will have - past, present and future. This statement may seem confusing at first glance, because how can something that exists outside of time be aware of all time? Here lies the beauty and depth of your higher self: it lives in a state that we can call the eternal "now" or "as-is."

The illusion of time

From the perspective of your higher self, time is an illusion. In our physical reality, we experience time as linear – with a clear beginning, middle and end. But in the spiritual dimension where your higher self exists, time does not exist. Everything is present in the eternal now. This perspective allows your higher self to have a comprehensive view of your life and experiences, free from the limitations that linear time brings.

Connection to the Higher Self

Strengthening your connection to your higher self means opening yourself to deeper wisdom, love and clarity. It's about transcending the voice of your ego and entering a space of silent knowing where guidance and insight flow. Meditation, mindful self-reflection, and practicing gratitude are just a few ways you can deepen this connection. It requires patience, dedication and, above all, the willingness to open yourself to the infinite possibilities of your being.

Rediscovery of spiritual abilities

The moment you connect with your higher self, you open yourself not only to deeper wisdom and love, but also to the rediscovery of your spiritual abilities. This awakening allows you immediate access to the wisdom and skills acquired through other lives. Your intuitive gifts, healing powers, or ability to enter higher states of consciousness become more accessible, as if they were keys suddenly placed in your hands. This access to a universal knowledge and skill is a gift from your higher self that allows you to enrich not only your own life, but also those of those around you.

The shining lighthouse of wisdom - you are

Your higher self is a shining beacon of wisdom, love and eternity that lives within you. Recognizing and integrating it means building the bridge between your human existence and your true, spiritual nature. When you open yourself to this infinite part of yourself, you unlock a deeper understanding of life itself, the wonderful journey your soul takes and the spiritual abilities that lie within you, and you realize that you are never separate from you were the source.

Yeshua's (Jesus Christ) light language

This beautiful light language of Yeshua, known as Jesus Christ, is an extraordinary gift from the Universe to you. Their shamanic-like sounds penetrate deep into your cells to bring about transformative changes at the deepest levels of your energy bodies.

The transmitted light codes help you to establish a profound connection with your higher self and accompany you on your path to the fifth dimension. You can find this powerful light language here: Awaken Your Higher Self: Yeshua's Invitation to the Fifth Dimension.

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