Wohlstand - Channeling - die Helfer

Prosperity - Channeling - the helpers

Today I want to share with you a random channeling that was sent to me through autowriting while I was thinking about how we can all achieve greater prosperity. It is a direct and unadulterated rendition of the message given to me by a collective calling themselves 'The Helpers'.


Prosperity is a choice. It is the state of absolute trust that you will be taken care of, that you will be supported 1000 percent by Source, always.

Why shouldn't the unconditionally loving Source give you what you desire? She is you, you are her, you are not separate from each other. Your job is just to let go. You don't have to do, but accept and accept that you will always be taken care of.

As a child you knew this truth. But you have adopted beliefs from other people who have chosen difficulties, lack, etc. You have integrated it as your truth.

Believing that it will take time for prosperity to arrive is also a limitation on what is actually possible. It is a belief in separateness from Source.

It is now time to decide in thought, word, deed and frequency that the days of scarcity are behind you. Everything else is not your job. We take care of the implementation.

All you have to do is open up to receive and allow this fundamental change to manifest itself in your life. Have no fear!

The helper


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