Sassani, das fröhliche Sternenvolk

Sassani, the happy star people


The Sassani, also called Shakani, are extraterrestrial beings from the planet Essassani, which translates as “place of living light”. You are currently on the threshold from the fifth to the sixth dimension. Beings from the fifth dimension are still completely physical, while beings from the sixth dimension already have significantly less density and are more similar to the so-called light beings, so to speak.

Bashar, who is channeled by Darryl Anka, is the best known Sassani here on Earth. He is a first contact specialist and is known for his wonderful sense of humor with which he conveys his messages.

Planet Essassani

There are approximately 230 million Sassani. However, most of the residents live on their spaceships, some of which are as big as cities. So-called mother ships. The planet itself is very green and pristine. There are no roads or cities. It is therefore seen more as a resort when a Sassani wants to take a "vacation" from one of his mother ships.

A day lasts 25 hours, but a year is 454 days. Their sun is hotter than ours and their orbit is significantly wider than our sun's. Your sun shines in a yellowish green tone. The climate on Essassani is very stable and the average annual temperature is 22 degrees Celsius.

Essassani has no natural moons, but three artificial moons called Epsilon, Epiphany and Eclipse (a blog post will follow on this). These were created by the Grays. The Grays created the Sassani as part of their hybrid children's program. In order to give them a home planet, Essassani was made habitable by the Grays and the three moons were created to regulate and stabilize the collective consciousness of the Sassani.

Together with Sirius and our Earth, Essassani forms a triad of all three Oversouls of these planets. This "consciousness triangle" acts as a single consciousness on a different level and connects there to form another triad with Arcturus and Polaris, which is located approximately 500 light years in the direction of the Orion star system.

Essassani and its inhabitants vibrate at around 300,000 hertz. We are currently oscillating at around 144,000 hertz. This is one of the reasons why the initial contact is prepared step by step.
If they were to land here on our earth today and we were to meet them personally, i.e. one-on-one, our body system would not be able to withstand their vibration. According to Bashar and Bori, in the best case scenario we would "just" end up in a closed psychiatric hospital, because upon contact, all repressed feelings from our subconscious would come to the surface uninhibited. That's why they take it slowly and give us tips and tricks on how we can increase our frequency ourselves so that - when the time comes - we can at least meet them halfway in terms of frequency.

The Sassani

The Sassani, also called Shakani, have a lifespan of around 300 years. They are of small stature. Their average height is 1.53 m. They are very, very thin and petite and have a slightly larger head than ours. Their skin is slightly grayish in color and very, very fine and soft. Like us, they have two arms, two legs and a torso. Their eyes are strikingly large and almond-shaped. The eye color is gray, but the pupil is so large and dark that the eye color is only visible when you look closely. The pupils are so large that the white of the eye can hardly be seen. According to Bashar, they are somewhat similar to the Mongols.

Men among the Sassani have no hair, women have a little hair on their heads, but it is nowhere near as pronounced as ours.

They rarely speak. Your conversation takes place “telempathically”. Tel-em-pathic means that feelings and communication are transmitted and perceived at the same time. When they speak to us, they sometimes use their “ancient language” which is derived from Sumerian. Bori - one of my mentors and also a Sassani, explained to me that she uses this language for example. B. use it within my communication so that I can more easily connect with the parts of my soul that live there - and thus the memory of the meaning of the words can gradually come back.

Sassani do not consume food or water, but rather absorb the energy of their surroundings. They also never sleep.

They reproduce through so-called energy bubbles made of light blue, electromagnetic light. The new body is created in this ball with the help of DNA. Once this is fully developed, the “soul of the child” is invited to take up space in this body. This information is only very roughly outlined; I received it from Bori. Bashar also confirmed these statements in many of his announcements.

The child will grow up with the parents until the age of three. After that it goes its own way. All Sassani are married to each other, so there is no competition or anything like that within this society. All children born there are seen by ALL adults as their own children. Thus, all male Sassani are there, the fathers of all Sassani children, as well as the female Sassani who are mothers of all children. In this way, the child is enabled to go completely his own way and follow his highest joy, knowing that wherever he appears, he will be welcomed with open arms. Since everyone is connected telempathically, there is no real separation from one another. Everything takes place in the here and now.

In order for the child to develop fully, the Sassani have created an environment in which a child can safely learn to live their highest joy (a Sassani principle) and experience the consequences of all their decisions - in a playful way .

You learn in a playful way to follow your principle of fully discovering and accepting yourself and your whole being, which will be revealed through this positive synchronization. You always get what you need, when you need it. This creates a deep understanding and trust in creation.

The Sassani symbol is an isosceles black triangle surrounded by light blue electromagnetic rays.

Why contact us?

The Sassani see us as their "ancestors". They were created as part of the Grays' hybrid children's program using our DNA and the Grays' DNA. In short - without us, this 3rd hybrid breed called Sassani would not exist. That's why the Sassani see us as family and never tire of mentioning this over and over again. Like the Yahyel, who represent the 5th hybrid race, the Sassani are also known for their playfulness and happiness. They are wonderful creatures and are great fun to connect with.

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