Lichtsprache - die universelle Sprache des Universums

Light language - the universal language of the universe


What is a light language?

In this exciting video I explain to you exactly what a light language is, what it can be used for, how it works and much, much more. So that you can see how this is channeled live, I have channeled the light language of the Lyrans for you in this video... Have fun!



A light language is a channeled language that can be understood and deciphered on a quantum level by all existing life forms deep into their soul level. She always touches you on the deepest level. As a heart-to-heart communication, it is the direct communication of the universe with you. That is why it is also called the language of the soul, the language of God or the language of the angels.

In order to be able to channel a language of light, I go into a very deep trance state. In this state I open myself as a medium for beings from the highest dimensions and let the light codes flow through me in the form of a light language. Each light code transmission, also called light language transmission, sounds unique and cannot be repeated.

This form of language is the original form of communication from soul to soul. That's why it is felt directly by your entire being. Everything in you reacts to these wonderful light codes.

We are immortal beings who - in the face of eternity - only inhabit a human body for a short period of time. We therefore know deep down the meaning of the respective light language as soon as we hear it. It reminds us of our own divinity, that we are all ONE, that we ARE not only aspects of Source, but also Source itself.


The language of the heart

This “language” touches the deepest levels of your being. It goes deep down to the molecular level, goes deep into your cells and into your DNA. It touches your entire being in the deepest way imaginable.

As the language of the heart, it awakens deep within you ancient memories of your real being, memories of your origin, of the source.

I call it heart-to-heart communication because it speaks to your soul, not your mind-based ego. Since the ego cannot do anything with this form of language, it allows the light codes to flow unhindered to the subconscious and to the deepest cellular level. The light language bypasses the mind and communicates directly on a deep soul level with your higher self and your heart chakra.


What are light codes?

Our entire universe consists of energy, frequencies and vibrations.

A light language therefore consists of energy codes that are enveloped in light - so light is the carrier material for these codes. That is why it is called the language of light.

Light codes correspond to a divine programming code that can reprogram your divine blueprint, or correct structures and error codes that have crept in over the course of your existence at the deepest soul level. These codes activate your light body, communicate with your higher self and your oversoul.

They consist of different vibration frequencies, composed of sound, color and light as well as forms of sacred geometry. They also contain codes of unconditional love, codes to stimulate the body's self-healing powers and codes that contain information that comes directly from the source (or God). For those of us with a sweet tooth - you could also call them divine chocolates, enveloped in light and filled with unconditional love, healing frequencies...

In a gentle way, light codes unlock key codes hidden in your soul blueprint, which release further blueprints of your innermost soul structure so that you can regain access to your divine abilities, such as: B. clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience…

These key codes also give you access to omnipresent knowledge stored in the Akashic Records.


What is the benefit of a light language?

If you open yourself to a light code transmission, it can have life-changing effects for you.

It can be used for the following topics:

  • DNA activation
  • Strengthening the connection to your higher self, the oversoul and the source.
  • Reinforcement of the I AM presence
  • Recalibration at the deepest soul level
  • Recovery and rejuvenation at the cellular level
  • Power and strength during and after difficult times
  • inspiration
  • Awakening hidden abilities
  • Access to sacred knowledge
  • Energy work
  • Healing the inner child
  • Fast transformation of stuck issues
  • Releasing energetic blockages
  • Dissolving limiting beliefs
  • Reinforcement of intuition
  • Awakening of spiritual abilities (clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.)
  • Insight into previous incarnations
  • Resolving karmic issues
  • Finding your divine purpose
  • Calmness in exciting times
  • Arouse happiness, lightness and joy of life
  • Contact with beings from the highest dimensions

As you can see, a light code transmission can do a lot of good and the list is far from complete...


Can I use the light language for my animals?

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Absolutely! I even go to the zoo and animal park here in Berlin to give the animals a light code transmission. They react really well to the language of light. No matter which animals you show the light language to, you will notice that they immediately behave differently as soon as they hear it. They often come very close and lie down next to me, or they start to communicate. When recording audio, they often lie down in front of the speakers. Whenever you have the impression that an animal would be happy about the language of light, then you can use any of my recordings for this purpose. Of course, I will gradually offer extra photos for animals.


What do you feel while listening to a language of light?

That depends on the language of light. Light languages ​​that sound very powerful, almost shamanic, often dissolve old blockages and patterns. Accordingly, it can happen that you cry because you feel the relief that comes while listening.

Some see strong, flowing colors that take on certain shapes. Light symbols made of dazzling light or they feel and see themselves surrounded by golden or white glittering light.

Others feel like they have arrived for the first time. Yes, literally at home.

Many feel their heart chakra opening and they feel connected to everything for the first time.

Most people who listen to the light language are positively touched to the deepest levels and react very emotionally.

Some people answer me with: “Wow, awesome – I didn’t expect that. I really felt something! :-)”

Very few feel anything at all – which is completely fine. The language of light does not have to be felt for it to work.

Some people see past lives appear like in a movie or suddenly remember their stellar past and which star systems they were at home in.


What does a language of light sound like?

Butter the fish! It sounds a bit strange to our ears, similar to gibberish. But that's exactly what makes it so charming!

Because a light language is not learned. She is channeled. This is a very important point. It often arises when you are completely in harmony with yourself and the source.

In my case, I go into a deep trance state, set the appropriate intention and let the light codes flow through me. The sound of the language of light is therefore always different. I can only speak of myself:

Archangel Michael and Yeshua (Jesus Christ) sound e.g. B. both very deep and masculine. Both usually begin their transmission with a deep hum, sometimes they stay there or they complement it with soft speaking of a light language.

As an ambassador for the Lyran star system, i.e. for the Lyrans , the cat creatures of the Lyrans come up very often with me. In this case, the language of light sounds a bit Spanish, with clicking sounds and something that could, with a lot of imagination, be described as a purr. Very pleasant, very calming and melodic. Sekhmet enchants with her particularly warm voice as she speaks her Lyran light language.

If the Blue Avians or the Alpha Centauri come through, it can sound like raven cawing, creaky and deep paired with high tones. So mostly very bird-like.

Sirius often pampers with gentle, lulling sounds and sometimes even singing.

The Arcturians sound quite mixed. Sometimes it is gentle and sustaining, sometimes they mix toning (which is also a light language) with gentle speaking and sometimes with singing.

Andromeda often sounds very choppy, almost electronic but, like all light languages, still very pleasant.

The Pleiadians often have their say with gentle but also code-like sounds.

My Lyran Fairy conveys an unprecedented lightness through her cheerful light language, which is sometimes interrupted by her cheerful laughter, while she introduces codes into your system.

Mother Earth , usually prefers a warm, even toning to bring her light codes into your energy field...

and so on …

Sometimes it's a combination of everything - from toning, clicking sounds, speech, singing, whizzing, bubbling, giggling etc. there are no limits.

You see, it is difficult to describe a light language because it is always different. So the point of a light language is not that it is spoken and can be understood with the mind!


How should I best listen to a language of light?

It's best to listen to it in a relaxed state. So not necessarily when driving or when you can only listen with half an ear. You will get the most benefit if you snuggle up comfortably in an armchair or bed, breathe deeply and consciously listen to the sounds. You don't have to listen at high volume, choose the volume that is comfortable for you.

Open yourself to it with all your senses, with your entire being. Just imagine she is a gift from the universe to you! Direct communication from the source with you!

The more you listen to the light language, the more often you listen to it, the stronger its effect becomes.


The ego and the language of light

I've done the most amazing things there. You may experience massive resistance during some transmissions. That you get scared or want to put them out immediately. Your ego is the master of conjuring up a demon from what you hear. Keep listening!

In this case, your ego feels massively threatened by the light language, so it can defend itself and be afraid. Because it knows that after hearing this language nothing will be the same. Therefore, it can happen to you that it wants to prevent you from listening to or continuing to listen to the language of light.

But stay tuned. Because every time you listen to the transmission, it interacts with you on a new level. Again and again something is solved, strengthened, ended or initiated. It's always a new process, even if you listen to the same audio recording over and over again. Your ego will calm down. Often, after listening to the language of light for the third time, it is already quiet and you suddenly realize that your defensiveness against it or the ridiculousness of this language was nothing more than an attempt to dissuade you from developing further spiritually.

Room cleaning and energization with the help of the language of light

You can also use the language of light to free your rooms from negative energies and entities. I describe exactly how to do this and what needs to be taken into account in the video above.

Are there any side effects of light code transmission?

Usually not. It depends on what the light code transmission should do.

If it was intended to banish negative forms of energy or blockages from your aura field, then your body may react accordingly.

So if you get diarrhea or vomit while or after listening to it, then it just indicates a massive cleansing process. So the light language threw energies out of your energy field that didn't necessarily have the best goals for you. Since heavy energies often have to be released physically, this can - not necessarily! – it could be that your body wants to get rid of these energies either through cold symptoms, a mild flu, a short-term fever or vomiting and diarrhea.

Every body is different. What applies to one person does not necessarily apply to you. I'm just writing it down so you're aware of it. If such a condition occurs, it will usually disappear within the next three days as if nothing had ever happened. So just relax, do nothing and enjoy the show. After all, it shows you that cleaning is taking place and that's great.


Can I listen to multiple Light-Code Transmissions? So different recordings?

Sure, there are no limits. You are welcome to combine these with each other.


If I have to stop in the middle, is that okay?

No problem, you can always interrupt the light language when it's necessary.


Can I work energetically while listening to the language of light?

Yes, that's not a problem - on the contrary, it can even increase the flow of energy.


Where can I find these audio downloads?

You can find them here: Light Code Transmissions Audio Downloads

Each of these downloads is a real listening experience. The light languages ​​are all accompanied by beautiful music that fits the theme, so it's really fun to listen to the recordings. This category is gradually being expanded. So it's definitely worth checking for new recordings once a week


Length of audio downloads

Since I do not invent the light language, but merely serve as a channel for the beings that I let speak through, the respective being decides how long the light language lasts. So I let it speak until it stops by itself and thus declares the transmission to be complete.


Cost of audio downloads

A light language unfolds its respective benefits as soon as it is heard, over and over again. Since the being that was channeled through me is also present again and is working directly on you together with your guides as soon as the light language sounds, it is a session and not just a recording of a pretty song. That's why I calculate the light language by minutes x 2 +19% VAT.

However, self-determination is very important to me! That's why I offer you four options for each lighting language to determine your price. Simply choose the price that touches your heart and let the wonderful energy of the light languages ​​flow into your life.

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