Die tiefe Verbindung zu deinen persönlichen Geistführern

The deep connection to your personal spirit guides

In the vastness of the universe, crossed by countless star systems, we as souls experience a diverse and profound journey. Each incarnation in the different worlds enriches us with new experiences, relationships and lessons. Over the course of these countless lives, we form close bonds, start families, fight side by side in wars and experience the joys of existence together with other souls. From these deep connections, our galactic team gradually emerges - a special group of beings formed from friendships and family ties in many worlds and dimensions.

Who are your spirit guides?

Not all members of your galactic team serve as your spirit guides at the same time. For each life on Earth, three beings from your team who are closely connected to you are specially selected. These three spirit guides, carefully chosen from the circle of those you have known as twins, lovers or close confidants over countless incarnations, have decided to stand by your side in this life in purely spiritual form. They do not incarnate physically during this phase but remain in the seventh dimension in order to be able to concentrate fully on supporting and protecting you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The positions and specific roles of your spirit guides

The arrangement of these three spirit guides around you is precisely chosen and has a deep symbolic meaning:

  1. Your Right Hand Spirit Guide – Often perceived as male, symbolizes the spiritual aspect of your life. He is responsible for guiding you along your spiritual path and helping you achieve your spiritual goals.
  2. Your left spirit guide – Usually in the form of a fairy and female, she reminds you of the lightness and joy of life. Her job is to show you the beauty and pleasure of your existence.
  3. Your spirit guide above your head – Often perceived as a female angel, represents unconditional love and direct contact with the highest spiritual levels and the source.

The tasks of your spirit guides

Your spirit guides are there for you tirelessly. They perceive your thoughts and feelings, often before you even realize them, and are there for you in joy and in need. While your body is sleeping, they activate or heal your chakras, give you energetic downloads and activations, and prepare your body for your return from the astral plane. Since you have a higher frequency after your visit to the astral plane, it is their job to put your body into a higher vibrational state so that it can carry your soul well and without problems the next day.

How do you communicate with your spirit guides?

Your spirit guides perceive all of your thoughts, emotions and vibrations directly and unfiltered. They always understand exactly what you as a soul need most at the moment. If you want to communicate with them, simply speak to them in your thoughts or out loud, as if you were talking to your closest friends. They listen to you and often send you a warm, comfortable feeling through your body as confirmation. If you want to show your gratitude for all the beautiful things and all the things that went well for you today, then feel free to say thank you. Because as with all friendships, acknowledging their presence and a simple "thank you" at the end of the day strengthens the connection to your spirit guides and promotes a deep, spiritual dialogue.

How your spirit guides communicate with you

Your spirit guides communicate with you in many different ways. They send you feelings, symbols and signs that can give you clues or confirmations in certain life situations. For those who are more spiritually advanced, this communication can even take the form of sudden inspiration or tips, which are usually not perceived as audible voices, but rather as intuitive promptings that come exactly when you need them most.

Final thoughts

The relationship with your spirit guides is one of the deepest spiritual connections you can experience. They are chosen from a group of souls you have loved and cherished over countless lifetimes and dedicate their entire being to you for the time of this Earth incarnation. These three special guides support you with devotion and love to ensure that you reach your highest spiritual potential. By nurturing this connection, you can live a fulfilling life full of love, joy and spiritual growth, always feeling protected and secure.

Language of light

So that you can strengthen your connection to your spirit guides and live consciously, I have channeled a wonderful, ethereal light language from the Lyran Collective for you. It works on a deep, spiritual level and supports you in opening your heart chakra to strengthen your intuitive perception.

Using this light language allows you to experience a tangible and enhanced connection to your spirit guides. It not only serves as a bridge that facilitates communication with your spirit guides, but also helps to develop and deepen your own spiritual abilities. It is especially helpful for you if you want to increase your spiritual awareness and better understand the subtle energies that surround you.

To access this channeled light language from the Lyran star system please visit the following link: Heavenly Heart Resonance: Light Language for Loving Communication with Your Spirit Guides

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