Die Kraft des Lions Gate Portals: Das Tor zur spirituellen Transformation

The Power of the Lions Gate Portal: The Gateway to Spiritual Transformation

The Power of the Lions Gate Portal: The Gateway to Spiritual Transformation

The Lions Gate Portal is a powerful energetic event that culminates on August 8th every year. This portal opens when the Sun is in the zodiac sign of Leo and aligns with the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, Orion's Belt, and the Earth. This special alignment creates an energetic portal that brings a flood of spiritual energy to our planet.

Importance and impact of the Lions Gate portal

The Lions Gate Portal is a time of intense spiritual transformation and manifestation. The name is derived from the zodiac sign Leo, in which the sun is located during this time. The lion represents strength, courage and self-expression, which makes this time especially powerful for personal growth.

In numerology, the number 8 is of particular importance. It stands for infinity, prosperity and manifestation. August 8th (8/8) is therefore a double manifestation of this powerful energy. This time is particularly suitable for setting new goals and freeing yourself from old patterns that are no longer useful.

The Message from Thymus: The Collective of Ascended Masters

According to Thymus, the collective of ascended masters, the Lions Gate portal offers a valuable opportunity to free ourselves of burdens that do not belong to us. This time helps us to release, both physically and energetically, things that we have picked up in this lifetime. This can be seen through symptoms in the root chakra, such as fears about survival or financial stability. The process of letting go and cleansing ultimately leads to mastery in the physical body.

Preparation and use of Lions Gate energies

  • Meditation and introspection: Use the days around August 8th to go deep within yourself and reflect. Ask yourself questions like: What do I want to change in my life? What is stopping me from living my true self? Meditation practices can help you gain clarity and prepare for the changes to come.
  • Manifestation: Write down your goals and wishes. Visualize how they become reality. You can create a vision board or write down your wishes in a diary. It is important that you charge these goals with positive energy and persuasiveness.
  • Rituals and crystals: Use yellow crystals like citrine or amber to attract prosperity and positive energy. A simple ritual could be to hold these crystals during meditation or place them on your vision board.
  • Gratitude and Love: A practice of gratitude can help you fully utilize the energy of the portal. Be grateful for what you already have and send that positive energy out into the universe. This can be done through prayers, meditation, or simple gratitude lists.
  • Light language: Especially for the time of the Lion Gate, I have channeled a wonderful light language from the Lyran star system that supports you in your transformation on all levels. You can find it here: The radiant magic of the Lion Gate: Light language for deep inner transformation

The spiritual meaning and historical context

The Lions Gate Portal is not only significant in modern spirituality, but also has deep-rooted historical connections. The ancient Egyptians revered Sirius as the spiritual sun star and used its visibility to mark important agricultural and spiritual calendar events. This star brought them prosperity and fertility, much like we use its energies for spiritual growth today.

Final thoughts

The time of the Lions Gate Portal offers a unique opportunity to experience profound spiritual transformations and move to new levels of consciousness. Use this time wisely to release your inner blocks and focus on manifesting your highest goals. The ascended masters and the energy of the universe are on your side to support you on this path.

I wish you a transformative and blessed experience during the Lions Gate Portal.

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